Monday, July 27, 2009

Chisago Lakes 1/2 Ironman Race Report

Yesterday, I competed in the Chisago Lakes 1/2 Ironman-this was my last race of the season before Ironman Madison. I went into the race with the only expectation that I finish. This was another training day for me being that Ironman is coming up and getting injured now in the season would be detrimental to Ironman day-in other words this was a "C" race for me (A being the most important races-ones that you race for a PR).

Cindy and I arrived to the race venue early so that she could get checked in and I could get my things set up in the transition area. Unlike most local triathlons, they have assigned spots on racks in the transition area-nice in a way so everyone has a spot, however undesirable for those early birds who like to choose their spots. The spots on the racks were tightly packed leaving limited space for our things-I was lucky though being I was lucky enough to placed next to my friend Ironman Mark (Jen J's co-worker)and the rack end gave us a little more space. I got all my things set up in its strategic way for fast transitions.

I then took Moon Goddess out for a little spin to run through all the gears and make sure everything was working working okay. And then finished up my pre-race hoopla by getting in my wetsuit and taking a small amount time splashing around in the lake to get a feel for the water.

I was in wave 6-mixed both men and women. The swim went pretty well, except for my sore shoulder. I focused on my form throughout-keeping long and strong. I kept on course which has been a huge improvement from the last couple of triathlons that I have done. I ended up running into the heats that took off before me which is always a battle in the water.

Then the bike after a quick transition! The bike started off well until we started to head North for 20 miles-that's when we hit a head wind-this was my fear with having a one loop course! It was nice to turn and get out of the head wind-there were parts that you could get really going which tons of fun! I looked down at my computer at a couple points along the course- 1st time in the head wind 14 mph! 2nd time on a stretch that was with the wind 30.3 mph!!!!

Then it was transition #2-not so fast! I got back to the transition area to switch into my running shoes and someone threw my wetsuit on top of my shoes and socks-they were soaked!

My legs were pretty crampy for about the first 3.5 miles of the run. I quickly downed some extra electrolytes, re-tied my shoes, and tried to stretch my ankle by pointing my foot with every foot strike. Finally they loosened up, I stopped to use a port-a-pit, and then I was on my way. I had a pretty good groove going when I finally met Jen on the course, I did a quick check in with her and wished her luck. To finish I hopped on the path that took me through Paradise Park and I heard Cindy yelling at me that I was going to break 5:30-I was like what!!!! I couldn't believe it, being it was just a training day and I wasn't really pushing for a PR!

I ended up getting a PR by 18 minutes!

Results for:
Noelle Andrychowicz
Individual - Half Ironman Triathlon
Bib # 255
Age 33
Gender F
City, State Blaine, MN
Team Name:
Age Group F 30-34

Split Results
Split Time Pace
Swim 00:31:30.4 0:01:37
T - 1 00:01:38.8 ?
Bike 02:50:53.0 19.4
T - 2 00:01:51.0 ?
Run 01:59:13.0 0:09:06

Finish Results
Finish Time 05:25:06.5
Overall Place 223 out of 432 Individual - Half Ironman Triathlon finishers
Division Place 54 out of 132 Female Half Ironman Distance finishers
Age Group Place 13 out of 27 F 30-34 finishers

Overall the race went-actually better than I thought considering it was just another training day!

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