Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Taking easy!

I was feeling a bit sore from racing and tired from Sunday's race and Monday's personal training session. I ended up getting in a 75 minute bike through Coon Rapids and Blaine and then a short, easy run with run club.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Still shaking!

So today(Monday), I intended on spending most of the day relaxing and focusing on recoving from Sunday's race. I ended up sleeping in until almost 9:00 am-I know surprising for me! I spent most of the morning watching TV and checking my email, plus writing my workout for swim club.

I had swim club at LTF and only one of the regulars showed up. I ended swimming a little over 1000 yards. My shoulder became pretty sore towards the end of the swim.

Following my swim, I got my monthly massage. I had to try another massage therapist since Stephanie again wasn't on the schedule for the day-bummer! The massage guy couldn't believe how tight my shoulder was and kept commenting that he hadn't ever seen that tight before-hence probably why it hurts!

Then I had my weekly personal training session at Discover Strength. I did well even though I was still pretty fatigued from racing. When I left the trainer I was still shaking from the session!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Chisago Lakes 1/2 Ironman Race Report

Yesterday, I competed in the Chisago Lakes 1/2 Ironman-this was my last race of the season before Ironman Madison. I went into the race with the only expectation that I finish. This was another training day for me being that Ironman is coming up and getting injured now in the season would be detrimental to Ironman day-in other words this was a "C" race for me (A being the most important races-ones that you race for a PR).

Cindy and I arrived to the race venue early so that she could get checked in and I could get my things set up in the transition area. Unlike most local triathlons, they have assigned spots on racks in the transition area-nice in a way so everyone has a spot, however undesirable for those early birds who like to choose their spots. The spots on the racks were tightly packed leaving limited space for our things-I was lucky though being I was lucky enough to placed next to my friend Ironman Mark (Jen J's co-worker)and the rack end gave us a little more space. I got all my things set up in its strategic way for fast transitions.

I then took Moon Goddess out for a little spin to run through all the gears and make sure everything was working working okay. And then finished up my pre-race hoopla by getting in my wetsuit and taking a small amount time splashing around in the lake to get a feel for the water.

I was in wave 6-mixed both men and women. The swim went pretty well, except for my sore shoulder. I focused on my form throughout-keeping long and strong. I kept on course which has been a huge improvement from the last couple of triathlons that I have done. I ended up running into the heats that took off before me which is always a battle in the water.

Then the bike after a quick transition! The bike started off well until we started to head North for 20 miles-that's when we hit a head wind-this was my fear with having a one loop course! It was nice to turn and get out of the head wind-there were parts that you could get really going which tons of fun! I looked down at my computer at a couple points along the course- 1st time in the head wind 14 mph! 2nd time on a stretch that was with the wind 30.3 mph!!!!

Then it was transition #2-not so fast! I got back to the transition area to switch into my running shoes and someone threw my wetsuit on top of my shoes and socks-they were soaked!

My legs were pretty crampy for about the first 3.5 miles of the run. I quickly downed some extra electrolytes, re-tied my shoes, and tried to stretch my ankle by pointing my foot with every foot strike. Finally they loosened up, I stopped to use a port-a-pit, and then I was on my way. I had a pretty good groove going when I finally met Jen on the course, I did a quick check in with her and wished her luck. To finish I hopped on the path that took me through Paradise Park and I heard Cindy yelling at me that I was going to break 5:30-I was like what!!!! I couldn't believe it, being it was just a training day and I wasn't really pushing for a PR!

I ended up getting a PR by 18 minutes!

Results for:
Noelle Andrychowicz
Individual - Half Ironman Triathlon
Bib # 255
Age 33
Gender F
City, State Blaine, MN
Team Name:
Age Group F 30-34

Split Results
Split Time Pace
Swim 00:31:30.4 0:01:37
T - 1 00:01:38.8 ?
Bike 02:50:53.0 19.4
T - 2 00:01:51.0 ?
Run 01:59:13.0 0:09:06

Finish Results
Finish Time 05:25:06.5
Overall Place 223 out of 432 Individual - Half Ironman Triathlon finishers
Division Place 54 out of 132 Female Half Ironman Distance finishers
Age Group Place 13 out of 27 F 30-34 finishers

Overall the race went-actually better than I thought considering it was just another training day!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Racing tomorrow

Tomorrow is my last race before Ironman Madison. I can't believe that September is coming so fast! Tomorrow I'm doing my second 1/2 ironman of the season in Chisago Lakes. This will be my last race before Ironman Madison-I can believe that September is coming up so fast! I added to tri attire today by finally breaking down and getting an aero helmet. Once I was at Gear West and one of the guys had said that an aero helmet makes as much difference as race wheels-I can use all the help I can get!!!!

I survived another crazy busy week! I'm officially done with my first round of clinical and turned in my proposal for my thesis!!!! I look forward to the month of August to really focus on my training and all the things that goes along with it.

I have spent most every free moment for the past couple weeks working on presentations or my thesis proposal, which has put a damper of the training.

Monday, I had swim club and felt horrible in the water! Cindy and I then met for another personal training session at Discover Strength.

Tuesday, I missed my workout due to the weather and needing to work on my presentation.

Wednesday, I met crew downtown and ran the Torchlight 5k-I think that was first 5k that I have ran in 3 years! I then spent the rest of the night working on my presentation.

Thursday, I trained with P2-I was exhausted and took the workout easy.

Friday, I got in the pool and swam for 30 minutes. I felt pretty strong in the water for the first time in quite a while.

Saturday, I took the day off.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

You have to be innovative......

Okay, why do people feel its necessary to throw glass bottles on the road? Today, the MNtri club was hosting a century starting in the Northern Suburbs-actually the start was only 2 miles from my house. The ride started around 7:30, but I didn't get started until 8:30 since I had to work the night before. I ended up riding up to the 2nd rest stop where I met up with Jen and Cindy (I was at mile 42). We started on our way back and got about five miles from the rest stop when a piece of glass sliced my tire and my tube went flat.

I have plenty of experience changing my flat tires, however what do you do when you have a big slice in your tire? I hmm and ha'd a bit-what was I going to do? Was this ride going to result in another ride from the cops? Mary Alice (a friend from the MNtri club) once told me that you could a dollar bill as a temporary patch, so I dug a twenty dollar bill out of my pocket, folded up and put it inside the tire-as a told Jen and Cindy to wish me luck. I tucked the tube inside the tire, checked to make sure the tube wasn't pinched and of course there wasn't any glass stuck inside the wheel before sticking the CO2 cartridge on the stem to blow it up-it inflated and didn't blow up-whew! As I inspected the tire, the area that was sliced was bulging (this was not going to work!). So, I let out some of the air to see if that helped relieve some of the bulging-it helped a little but not enough-crap! So, we stood there brain storming and before Jen found a piece of duct tape stuck to her flat kit-I stuck it over the bulging area and then I started unwrapping some of the electrical tape from my handlebars and wrapped that around the bulging area too. Then we were on our way-it held the air! We rode about 25 miles before hitting the next rest stop which was located in a Super America parking lot. As a desperate soul, without any handy money being it was stuck inside my wheel, I went inside and begged for some more duct tape. The ladies behind the counter were awesome! They searched around the store and were even willing to open a package for me to give me a few pieces of duct tape! I reinforced my tire again and we were on our way again!

The ride was difficult being I was riding on probably between 60-80 psi for almost 40 miles! I finally made it home, frustrated that I had another flat!!!!! Enough already!!!!

Yesterday, i rode 59.4 miles starting at Lake of the Isles. The ride went well but was a bit boring and the roads were in terrible condition-I think my jaw stopped chattering at about 11 pm last night. Following my ride, I headed home and took Shadow out for a five mile run with me. She is such a goof ball!

Friday, I swam about two miles at the Moore Lake Lifetime and then finished my workout with a personal training session.

Friday, July 17, 2009

And I finally slept!

This week has been crazy! I am finishing up my first set of clinical-only two more to go! But along the with the end of the clinical comes the presentation and lit review among a million other things due! Monday, I returned back to the hustle and bustle of the "normal" work week (meaning mine doesn't ever end since I work the weekends too). Monday, I was really sluggish from racing on Sunday and the long car ride home, not to mention another pretty much another all nighter working on my clinical project. My Monday started off early as I met my preceptor down at Fairview Southdale ER to help run a mock code with the nursing staff down there. Following that I rushed up to Lifetime for swim club which happened only to be Leann-the usual guys didn't make it (let's cross our fingers that Travis got offered a job and I'm guessing Chuck had finals). I did end up getting in about a mile swim-shoulder bothered me a bit but not too bad. I 'm hoping that all this easy swimming will pay off for a pain free Ironman day (shoulder, I mean-No Ironman day is pain free but actually pain FULL (not painful-the day is full of pain!))

Tuesday, I worked out with P2. We did 2 mile speed repeats on the track. We started off with an easy 2.5 miles out warm-up along Summit Ave and then headed back to the Mac track where in groups 3 x 2 mile repeats. I still was feeling pretty sluggish from racing, working on my clinical project, and working overnight. I headed home after practice and spent the rest of my time before heading back to work, working on my project.

Wednesday, I ended up getting home from work late-probably around 9:30ish. It was a crazy night at work and then there was an emergency while giving report which kept me late. I hopped into bed for about 30 minutes before getting up to shower and head down to the U for another day of clinical. I ended up missing my workout on Wednesday since I still had so much to do on my project. I ended up spending another all nighter working on my clinical project that had to be presented on Thursday.

Thursday, I spend the day down at the U for clinical. I presented my project on Bronchiolitis management, which went really well! My preceptor ended up letting me go a bit early, which worked out great because it gave me a chance to get over to discount tire-get get my flat tire fixed on my car! Well it was a slow leak and for the past week I have been just putting air in it because I haven't had the time to get it fixed. I then trained with P2. Ironman people (if not racing over the weekend-I think I was about the only not racing) had to do 6 x 10 minutes race pace with 2 minute easy between. It was kind of fun because we got to ride in my old neck of the woods (down the street from where I taught). The ride route was rolling! The weather was extremely windy! Anyways by the time I got back everyone was done with their run too! I didn't end up getting my run in since it was getting dark out and a group of us were grabbing dinner at the Bulldog next door.

Today, I will be heading to the pool for a swim and then meeting Cindy for our personal training session at Discover Strength.

Last night I finally got some sleep! I ended up getting home probably about 9:30-10:00ish went to bed and didn't wake up until 10 this morning! I slept for 12 hours! Shocking I know!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Long Day! Graniteman Race Report

Yesterday, I spent most of the morning and afternoon hanging out at the Lifetime tri to support Jen and my P2 friends competing. Everyone had amazing performances at Lifetime-so fun to watch!!! I then spent a good amount of time getting prepared for today's race. I got Moon Goddess dressed in her best apparel to only find that one of my race wheels was flat! I think this is flat #3 for the tri season already-none of which have happened out on a ride surprisedly. Knowing that I had only one tube extra tube that fits my HED 3 I dragged Cindy around town in search of a place to that sells tubes, especially one that would fit my wheel. I didn't have any luck finding a new tube. I ended putting my one spare on my wheel and decided to chance it at Graniteman-if I flatted I was out.

Today, the day started off early- 4:00 am to be exact. Cindy and I quickly got ready this morning (she stayed the night since it was closer to the race venue) and then we hopped in the car to head to the race site located just outside of St. Cloud. We arrived at the race venue at about 6:00 am, quickly grabbed a spot in the transition area and set up my things before doing a quick warm-up. Once things were settled and the warm up was done, I hung out with Jen, Cindy, Jim and Heidi.

The swim set up was interesting-nothing like I have seen! They strung together a bunch of water noodles lengthwise and attached a couple snow tubes and a row boat at the end. The swim was a 1/3 mile out and back. I had a hard time sighting being there wasn't anything to site, but managed to have a decent swim.

Next was a 15 mile bike. I held a pretty good clip for most of the bike although we hit a a bit of wind along the course. I tend not to bike well in the wind but I was determined to catch my rabbit (Jen). I did end up catching her about 6.5 miles into the ride, passed her for about a minute, until she flew by me again. I continue to focus on my rabbit and keep her in my sight. Thanks Jen-I contribute my fastest bike split in a sprint to you!

Last was the run-only 3.1 miles. Again since Jen was ahead of me because of her fantastic biking, I was again chasing my rabbit. My ankles were a bit crampy but I continued to push through it. I ended up catching Jen a little over a mile into the run, wished her some words of encouragement and congratulated her on the fantastic biking. The run was a out and back so I could see the leaders in my age group-I like this because it gives you the chance to see where you are in your age group.

My Race results are as follows:
Rank Swim 100yd Trn.1 Rank Bike Rate Trn.2 Rank Run Pace Finish
69 7/68 15 Noelle Andrychowicz 33 F Blaine MN 69 10:20 1:46 1:01 71 44:24 20.3 1:10 115 24:31 7:55 1:21:24

I overall was satisfied with my time-I should be since I believe it was a PR. I was a little disappointed that I'm in such a competitive age group.

I do have a funny story from the race:
The announcer- who is at most of the local triathlons pointed me out as I entered the transition area after the swim and started telling the crowd about me. He was trying ask me how many races I have done and when my first multisport race was knowing that I have been competing for quite a long time. Jim was also at the fence wishing me good luck as I hurried to get out of the transition area and on my bike. As I was leaving the, announcer made the comment that I quickly made it through T1 but I still had time to flirt with the guy on the other side of the fence (he meant Jim)-too funny! He also continue to comment about my name and how botches it every time I race. So as I crossed the finish line he called me "Nicole A-something." So after the race was over I wrote out my name phonetically and gave to the announcer to save for my next race which will be Chisago Lakes 1/2-he thought it was great! But funniest thing was that they handed out door prizes and I got picked-the announcer grabbed the sheet paper out of his pocket so that he could pronounce my name correctly. I ended up winning a free entry to a new triathlon that will be in Sauk Center next May.

After the awards we hopped back in the car to head home. The plan was to stop along the way to get a bite to eat and then I would head home to work on my homework; Jen and Cindy were going to bike. As we were heading we got stuck in a stand still on 94 that was caused by car accident involving a gas tanker truck and a few cars causing 94 to be shut down in both directions. I think it took a total of 4 hours to get home!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My soreness quickly disappeared after I got the lactic acid worked out of my muscles from Tuesday's workout. I did end up taking this week really easy-Well at least on the workout side of life. I did end up having clinical both on Wednesday and Thursday-plus work and class this week.

Wednesday I took the day off and just concentrated on NON-workout things (cleaning, school work, etc). All too fun huh!

Thursday, was my worst this week! Running, running, and more running! I started my day off early (2 am) working on my presentation for clinical and sorting through research. Then ran to clinical; ran to class; ran to the gym to get a quick bike and run in; ran to Carmela's birthday party; and last ran to work for my shift before the weekend.

Friday, I did another easy workout! Just a short swim!

Today, I spent the morning down watching the Lifetime triathlon and will be heading out for a short bike ride tonight.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Okay Luke the trainer was correct! I am quite sore today-even the couple of doses of o ibuprofen really didn't seem to do much to help with the soreness. The soreness just proves that I need to do some work to strengthen my upper body.

Today's workout out consisted of a 75 minute "No Mind" run-meaning easy, no speed, and just enjoy it! I met up with the P2 crew for the run today. Michelle and I headed out a bit early and then I headed out to finish up the run with Charlie and Chuck. The run started off a bit rough because my shoulders were super sore and tight but the run continued some of the lactic acid worked its way out any my shoulders loosened up. The run went well and I got approximently 8 miles in total.

Following the run a I had a quick conversation with coach to discuss my training over the past week.

Now off to work for my last night of this long stretch.
Reguv...week started today-meaning training will be pretty light. My workout called for an easy swim or easy bike or day off. I having to lead swim club, swam easy. I ended up doing about a mile or so easy. I spent a lot of time chatting with the guys that showed up for swim club today.

Following swim club I met with a personal trainer at Discover strength for a consultation. Luke the trainer explained the companies philosphy and then led me through a short workout. He had warned me that most everyone is quite sore for a couple of days following the first few workouts. The workout was quick but I could tell that I need to get into the routine of strength training. I could definately tell that I have some significant weakness in my right shoulder which is probably why its been bothering during my swims.

On my way home, I stopped off to hang out with Liz and Shelley and her two girls for a bit. It was great to catch up with them.

Only one more night of my long stretch-Yay!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Training hard....

Thursday most people were starting off their Holiday weekend by heading up North to the cabin-not me I was just starting another LLLOOOONNNNGGGG stretch of work days. Thursday was my day to lead run club so I tried to incorporate my scheduled P2 workout with leading run club. The workout consisted of 45 minutes at 80% effort with a 15 minute run (do be done twice). During the first ride on the way out leaving from Coon Rapids Dam and heading towards Elm creek a man passed me with about half mile left of the path (not a big deal right)-well when I reached the end of the trail I went to turn around and the man decided to turn around too. I started on my way back and I'm working pretty hard since I was suppose to be at 80% effort and the man preceded to draft off me for the entire 6.5 miles back to the visitor center ( I was like what heck!). Once we reached the visitor center man yells out "Thanks for the ride"-nice huh! Anyways, I did my 15 minute run before hopping back onto the bike again for another 45 minutes. I then met up with Cindy and LeAnne for my second run-we ended up running 3 miles. Jen met us on our way back. I ended up getting in approximately 30 miles on the bike and 5 miles running.

I took off Friday to rest up-Margarita and I met up with Michelle and we went boating on the St. Croix. We had a blast!

Saturday, the plan was to ride for 2.5 hours and run for 1.5 hours. I started out on the bike leaving from Arden Hills hoping with the intention to ride around the lakes in White Bear. About 3 miles into the ride I ended up missing a turn somewhere so I ended up going in the wrong direction-not a big deal, being I have biked on the roads this area in the past. After about a hour or so I see dark clouds rolling in, so I decided to turn back. I didn't end up turning back early enough because the sky opened up. Before I knew it, it was lightening and thundering and I was soaked! I kept telling myself, this could happen in Madison and "just kept pedaling" (Cindy that's for you). I finally made it back to my car, packed up my bike and headed for home-and of course the rain stopped by the time I made it home. I quickly put on my running shoes and headed out the door for my run. The run didn't go so well! My stomach was turning about a 1/2 mile into the run and had to make two port-a-potty stops. I headed home and called it a day. I got in a total of 1.5 hours on the bike (approx. 30 miles) and 60 minutes running.

Today, I met up with Margarita, Rob, and D2 for a swim in Chisago Lake and then Jen joined us for a ride on the Chisago Lakes 1/2 ironman course. The swim was great! The water was a great temp (not too cold or warm) however it was a little weedy (not anymore weedy than all the other lakes in MN though). We ended up swimming about a mile. I felt great in the water! No shoulder issues and my balance was on! Then we got on the bike to tackle the 56 mile loop that we all will be racing in a couple of weeks. The wind had picked up and it seemed that all directions on the way out was bad! No breaks for about 30 miles! But we kept plugging away, I a lot slower than the rest of the group (I have a hard time in the wind!). Once we started heading back the wind was at our backs or we had enough coverage to protect us from it making that portion much more enjoyable. We did have one minor incident though-Margarita got stung by a bee (only about a inch away from her eye! And she's allergic to bee's and of course No EPI Pen). Margarita ended up being okay-only getting a bump (no other allergic reaction thank god!). Prior to riding today Jen and I had talked about riding the short course too, but I was dead from the wind and probably from the lack of food too. Jen and I then headed over to her aunt's house for a quick visit and some chips and of course some much needed Diet Coke! All in all good hard ride-56 miles total.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yesterday I started my day off with a short 1200 yard swim. Then biking river road and running Montreal hill and race pace miles on the track.
Just finishing another day of clincal before meeting up with Jen to help our tri-newbie friends with the Minneman course.