Friday, June 5, 2009

Wednesday was the first National Day of Running and of course sponsored some running events. I was interested to know that people at the Coon Rapids club had already logged over 40 miles before the first organized run of the day-they had two. It was fun to hang out with the run club on Wednesday! I attended both run sessions logging almost 10 miles of running that day. Prior to my runs I got a chance to hand out and educate people on Aquaphor.

Yesterday I trained with P2. We started off with a 60 minute easy ride and then headed back to St. Thomas for transition practice with the team. Coach had us line up and counted as we practiced putting on our helmets and shoes-aaaahhhhh! We then practiced running and mounting our bikes-AAAAHHHH!!!! Then we practiced tightening our shoes while in motion on the bike-AAAAHHHH!!!! Finally, it was taking our shoes off while biking-AAAHHHH!!!! I avoided crashing my bike into a parked car or tipping over but I don't know that it was any faster!

We then finished our workout with a short 15 minute easy run.

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