Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sunday was the inaugural Minneapolis 1/2 marathon-put on by Team Ortho. Earlier that week I hmm'd and haa'd around whether or not I should sign up for the 1/2 marathon. Knowing that I wanted to watch my friends run and finish the race I decided to do it. I have a pre-race routine that I religiously practice before all races to prepare to gather my things so they are ready to go easily in the morning-I didn't do that this time! And I showed up for the race with out my sunglasses or a hat-not good!

Anyways, I went into the race with the decision that I will take for the race being I'm racing Liberty in two weeks and I hope to PR there. The narrow roads were filled with runners which made it difficult to maneuver your way through the crowd, however I was okay with that since I was going to hold back and my legs were a bit crampy. The race course was challenging with some pretty significant hills.

Overall the race went well considering I wasn't trying to PR. My overall time was a 1:52.

This week I have a much needed recovery week. Monday was was either a day off or an easy swim. I ended up swimming at Moore Lake for 45 minutes.

Yesterday, I trained with P2. We ended up running 7 easy miles.

Today is the 1st national running day!

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