Thursday, June 25, 2009

Okay finally, I have a little time to update my blog. I have been busy with the usual-work, school, and training. Over the past week, I have kept up with my training for the most part.

Last Sunday(the 14th) I took the day off to recover from the half ironman the previous day. I felt good-not much soreness which I found surprising except my right shoulder. The shoulder stuff started last year when training for IMLOO.

Monday, I had swim club and headed out for a short bike ride (since I skipped my workout from Sunday). Legs were a bit tired so I took it easy, only biking 21 miles. I did up getting my monthly massage to workout the kinks in my shoulder-it loosened it up a bit but its still not feeling "normal".

Tuesday was my day to lead run club but since it was pouring outside nobody showed up. I ended up going home and getting on the trainer for a little over a hour-can you talk about boring!

Wednesday I did a short bike ride and a swim at the Moore Lake LTF. I just took it easy during the swim since my shoulder has been acting up. I focused on my form and did a lot drills.

Thursday, I trained with P2. We did race pace 20 minute tempo rides with 5 minutes easy in between. We then followed up the workout with a 30 minute run (15 minutes race pace tempo with 15 minutes easy).

Friday, I biked the Square Lake sprint course and did a few hill repeats on county road 7 in Marine. My legs were really tired from the previous days workout. I didn't end up getting in my intended run and swim.

Saturday, I took the day off and headed to Duluth so that I could watch my friends run Grandmas Marathon.

Sunday, I ended up getting in only a short 3.5 mile run being it started raining and I had to work.

Monday, I had swim club-I ended up only getting about 1000 yards partly because my time taken up by the swimmers that come and my shoulder still wasn't feeling right. My balance was really off in the water. I ended up meeting Cindy for a 95 minute bike ride in the morning.

Tuesday, I trained with P2. We ran for about a hour -20 minutes to Montreal Hill. 20 minutes hill repeats on Montreal hill(it felt like 3 hours of hill repeats with the heat!) and 20 minutes back to the MAC track for a 1 mile at race pace. I was dead!

Wednesday (today) I trained with P2. We spent about a hour practicing sighting, drafting, entering, and exiting the water. My should was really bothering afterward! We then followed the workout up with a 30 minute bike (15 minutes tempo, 15 minutes easy).

Tomorrow, I have clinical during the day and the Gillette Gala in the evening-then packing for my training weekend in Madison.

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