Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just finished up another busy week-I know the "normal" work week is Monday through Friday, but in the nursing profession "normal" doesn't exist! We where do I start?

Saturday, I ended up doing my training inside since the weather SUCKED (there isn't any other way to put it and my friends that raced this weekend would agree!) I got in a pretty good workout despite it was spent on the trainer and on the treadmill. I ended up riding for a hour to the Madison video. I then got in 7 miles running-that about my threshold on the treadmill.

After getting home from my work-the excitement began! Of course not good excitement! Joey (my kitty) was acting under the weather, so I called the ER vet to see what they thought about his symptoms. The ER vet tech encouraged me to bring in Joey to have him checked out and so they could treat his symptoms. I hurried to the vet (take into account it is 8 pm and I needed to be to work at 11 pm- I didn't sleep much after work since I needed to get my workout in) and the tech took a history, then quickly rushed Joey in back for an exam. About 15 minutes later, the tech came back into the room and said that Joey needed to have emergency surgery to clear a blockage in his pee pee:( I tell you-seriously! So $1000 later Joey is doing better-but he will have to have be on a special diet for the rest of his life and regular follow ups with the vet-if it continues they will have to cut his pee pee off! Good thing he isn't trying to impress any girl kitties!

After a long night at work and the stress from Joey's situation, I was exhausted and skipped my workout on Sunday.

Monday, I had swim club and didn't get in much of a workout which was totally fine since my coach scheduled in a mini taper for the 1/2 ironman this weekend coming up.

Tuesday-Another day of crappy weather and a day of running from the work (not leaving until 9 am due to the crazy night!) to school to the vet. I did manage to get a workout in. I ended up running around the track at Moore Lake LTF. I did about 7 miles. I did some speed work. I crashed once I got home not even to hear the phone ring! I got canceled from work!

Today, I had clinical down at the U and then rushed to Lake Nokomis for P2 practice. We spent most of the time working on tri specific drills (sighting, drafting, etc...) we then worked on transitions ( I hope this helps, since I have the SLOWEST transitions! When looking at my transition times you would think that ate lunch and took a nap!). We then finished our workout up with a short bike ride.

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