Thursday, June 11, 2009

Getting Moon Goddess Ready!

Moon Goddess has a protector! Watch cat Joey!

Tonight I spent my time getting Moon Goddess (my bike) ready to race on Saturday. I shined her up and put on my HED race wheels after I spent A LOT of time trying to get them pumped up (in a quite crazy fashion let me tell you!). I'm really excited to get out any try my race wheels out and ride the Liberty course this weekend. In the midst of getting Moon Goddess ready, I had to paint my toe nails Cervelo Red (I named it that after I matched it to my bike)-I know that I'm a dork!

I spent most of the day down at the U running from meeting to meeting during clinical today. I have been really enjoying my clinical experience at the U although its completely different than Gillette.

Following clinical today, I trained with P2. Today's workout consisted of a 45 minute bike from the Pit along Shepard Rd in St. Paul. My friend Kim ended up having some bike problems along the ride, so Eric, Kim and I took it easy a bit and try to figure out the problem with Grandma (her bike). Following our bike, Eric and I headed out for a short 15 minute run.

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