Sunday, May 17, 2009

What a day!

Tube change #1 for the training season. Prior to riding today I had to do my first tube change because I had broke the valve off the stem on my back wheel last week, not allowing me to air up my tire. Although the tube wasn't seven minutes (I had a whole winter to fall out of practice) it only did take 12 minutes-okay yes I'm officially a bike dork!

I met up with Jen, Cindy, Heidi, and Troy for a ride on the Buffalo tri route. The goal was to ride two loops of the Olympic route. We had just past the turn off between the short course and the long course, when I mentioned to Jen that she was going to loose her water bottles. We decided to stop so that Jen could fix her water bottles and I looked up to see Heidi clip Cindy's back tire. Heidi then went out of control zig zagging across the road; before you knew bike was flying and Heidi was tumbling.

We ended up calling 911 and Heidi was taken away by ambulance to the Buffalo hospital. We ended up spending about three hours with Heidi in the ER. Cindy and I drove Heidi home so that she could get her prescribed TLC.

Get well soon Heidi!!!!

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