Monday, May 11, 2009

Race ReportTC 1 mile

My training had been pretty light since I was still having problems walking down the stairs Thursday morning; plus being it was finals week I had very little sleep. Knowing how sore I still was, I didn't have any big race goals. Andy and I had talked about running the race together since we wanted to finish about the same time. We waited around for the 30-35 wave so it wasn't so busy and we could actually run for a time.

The race started-I was dying from the start. Everytime I took a step with my left leg it felt as though someone was taking a sludge hammer to my femur. At the quarter mile mark, my chest was burning and my legs just didn't want to work. They had the course marked every quarter mile-and the goal was just to make to the next quarter mile marker running.

It felt at though this was longest 1 mile ever!!!!! My final time was a 7:16-I was bummed since it would have been nice to beat my time from last year and go closer to the 6 minute/mile mark.

Friday, I got in the pool for a much needed swim workout. I ended up doing 4000 meters.

Saturday, I got up about 1:00pm and then headed out for 30 mile ride through Minneapolis. I then finished up with a 3.5 mile run

Sunday, Cindy and I rode the Buffalo route-20 miles.

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