Friday, May 1, 2009

Made it to Cincinatti

On the way to the airport today I had given my friend Cindy a call to see how her flight was on the away out to Cincinnati in which she told me about the tiny plane she took here. As a approach the gate way on the far side of the airport the seating at the gates got smaller and smaller. I too ended up flying here on a "puddle jumper"-it only had 50 seats on it. The flight was pretty good except for the ANNOYING flight attendant and the older man a couple of rows a head of me who kept getting out of his seat when the seat-belt sign was illuminated. I sat next to a girl who was running the half marathon and we spoke for most of the flight.

Today had been a long day so far with the traveling and early rising. My day started at 4 am when I returned shortly to my left off homework from yesterday. I then made my way to the gym to get a short swim of a mile. Following the swim, I quickly ran home to get packed (or at least threw a bunch of stuff in my suitcase) when I noticed that my NAUGHTY DOG was at it again-she ate my vitamins! Then I was off to Owen's benefit wrap up-they presented a check of almost $7000 to them!

Since we arrived had a quick bite of Mexican and now off to go out for a low key night.

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