Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kid in a candy store!!!!

Today my Aquaphor garb showed up!!!!! I couldn't wait to tear into the big box to check out all the cool things inside. I ended up with a full tri outfit (top and bottom), running shorts, singlet, running shirt, jacket, and a hat; along with a boat load of free product----yay!!!!!

Training this week has been good. Although its a recovery week I have felt productive. Monday, I led swim club (only one guy showed) but I got a chance to get my full workout in-30 minutes continuous swim about 3000 meters. I felt good! I feeling pretty confident in the upcoming Liberty swim less than a month away!

Tuesday, I headed down to P2 for a run. Hot Hot Hot was the weather. Me, I prefer to run in the heat but with the long winter I needed to re-acclimate to the heat (even though it isn't long lived in MN-45 one day 95 the next).

Wednesday, Back to the pool! I ended up getting in a total of 3500 meters. My swim was as easy as Monday's-probably due to the water aerobics class going on.

Today I plan to head down to P2 for a bike and run session. Hopefully the rain will hold off!

Off to my massage!!!!

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