Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just a quick update

It's been a great week not writing papers or responding to discussions! I don't think that I will be missing school once I'm done!!!!!!

Although, I haven't has school this week I have had to work everyday (including my day off!) We are in the process of going paperless-yes we are finally joining the new century and the other hospitals around us. Although, I look forward to the change of computer charting, I DO NOT CARE FOR DOING IT ON MY DAYS OFF!!!!!

Anyways for training this week:
Monday was the typical swim club day with my two boys (the only two people that show up) I ended up getting in a little over 2700 meters. I felt pretty good and I STAYED focused on just completing my workout instead of working on trying to make better swimmers out of the guys. I'm not there to teach swim lessons-RIGHT!

Tuesday, I intended on going out for a 90 minute run-but it didn't happen. I have a slower than normal recovery from the marathon. My knee was really bothering me and I was having a lot of cramping in my legs-go figure a week to focus on my training and I'm hurting! I ended up only getting in 2.5 miles.

Wednesday, I had a decent workout consisting of a swim and bike. I started off biking 18 miles on the flat roads of Coon Rapids. I then got in the pool and did about 4500 meters-I felt really heavy in the water and tired from working Tuesday night. Following my workout, I hung out with the gang at my FAVORITE Mexican restaurant to celebrate Corrine's, LeAnn's, and Roxie's birthdays-A little tequila and head shaking for LeAnn. Let me tell you once I got home from celebrating-I was exhausted!!!!!

Tonight I plan to train with P2-It looks like a hard workout of hills on the bike and a short run.

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