Saturday, May 30, 2009

It has been another busy week! I started my first clinical rotation this week at the U of M in the ER, which will last until the end of July. I met with my clinical preceptor for dinner at Bonfire on Wednesday so that I could get prepared for my first day on Thursday. Not knowing where anything is located at the U-I haven't spent anytime there except for a few swim meets and riding past it on my bike on the River Road, I got myself a little lost and ended up parking the in wrong ramp making it a long walk to the ER. The day started off with a mock code led by the head of the ER with the pediatric emergency medical residents. The mock code involved a kiddo that was in status (continuous seizures lasting over 30 minutes). I was super eager to jump in (being I have a ton of experience working with seizure kiddos)-but had to bite my tongue as the residents hmmmm'd and haaaaa'd while trying to figure out what to do-it was great! We spent the rest of the day running from meeting to meeting-I ended up putting in a total of 10.5 hours there and then I was off to WORK my shift at Gillette (a total of 19 hours of work that day!)

I look forward to the clinical rotation!!! My clinical preceptor is really nice and has a ton of experience!

Anyways onto my training for the week:
Monday, swim club was canceled due to the pool cleaning at Lifetime-which was good considering I wasn't thrilled about having it on Memorial Day. According to the schedule it was day number three of big training days in a row. I ended up swimming at the Moore Lake LTF 2000 yards following a five mile run with Shadow. I intended on riding that day as well, however I got a flat.

Tuesday's workout consisted of some running speed work. This was a hard workout for me as my legs were dead from the big training weekend. I ended up putting in 7.75 miles. Two of the miles held at or below a 7 minute pace!!!!

By the time Wednesday rolled around my legs were mush! I ended up taking it easy on Wednesday-An easy 10 mile ride and skipped the run.

Thursday-I managed to fit in a 1.5 hour ride and a 15 minute run! I don't know how, but I did it:)

Friday-I did a 2300 yard swim and then I headed downtown to pick up my race packet for the Mpls half marathon on Sunday.

Saturday, I led run club without runners-hee hee. I ended up doing 2 miles. I then headed to Moore Lake for a T-20 minute (timed) in my wetsuit-this gives me sort of an idea of changes in my fitness level since I started my Ironman training in January-I was a total of 150 yards further today!!! I then headed down to the river road for a EASY hour bike ride-well as easy as you can get in straight line winds (j/k).

Tomorrow I will be running the Mpls half marathon and then hanging out watching my friends finish both the half and full. Good luck everyone!

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