Thursday, May 14, 2009

hills, Hills, and more HILLS!!!

I went to train with P2 today and if you read my previous posting the schedule called for a hill workout on the bike. Most of the group that I trained at P2 are out in Colorado at the spring training camp being put on by my coach. Although, I am not in Colorado, I got in plenty of hills.

I hurried down to St. Paul to meet up with the group and only one other guy showed up (Dan)-I was a little freaked since he is REALLY fast! Anyways we waited around a bit for others to come and no one else showed-so we were on our way. We biked down river road to Shepard Rd. passing a couple of hills that we would come back to later. We got to the bottom of Shepard Rd and did a couple long repeats-not bad but we were moving! Then on to the second hill for repeats much steeper hill-I was going 30 mph down the hill with my brakes on, if that gives you any idea. We did a total of 6 repeats on that hill and then we were on our way to the next one. The second hill we did was the Hidden Falls hill-very steep curvy but a little shorter. We only did one repeat on that hill (my choice-I was afraid that I was going to fall over!). The hill was filled with pot holes and sand making it hard to maintain a safe pace and grip with the road. Then last but not least- the "Dam Hill" we ended up doing 4 hill repeats on the dam hill and then I had to call it a night (Dan kept going for a few more sets). I on other hand had to get home to update my blog and get a few ZZZZZZ's before work.

Overall it was a great ride-we did 25 miles. 1:45 ride time.

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