Monday, May 25, 2009

Great training weekend!

Alright, I had a great training weekend-I got in a lot of hours which can be definitely seen with my sunburned skin. Today was another productive day of training-for the most part. I started it off with a 5 mile run with Shadow at the Dam. Shadow did well on the run until she tried to chase a couple of deer through the woods-not good when I'm attached to her. I got her settled down and focused on running for most of the remaining miles of the run (most is the key word). On the way back, as we crossed over the dam a unleashed miniature poodle started chasing Shadow-not much of a contest though Shadow out ran that dog in no time. It was a good run and even though I was exhausted from the all the training this weekend and lack of sleep due to working. I think combination of the heat and Shadow's sprinting bursts finally wore her out (who knew it was going to be a fartlek run).

Following my run, I headed to the Moore Lake Lifetime for a swim. The Coon Rapids Lifetime pool is closed for cleaning. I ended up doing 2000 yards. I felt great swimming.

I then came home napped a for about 30 minutes knowing that I had a two hour bike still left in order to get my full workout in. I got my bike attached to the bike rack and headed to the dam. Once I got to the dam I started to top off the air in my tires before riding when the back tire wouldn't hold any air. So this is flat number 1 and tire change #2 for season. I didn't end up riding since I my time was limited knowing that I'm scheduled to work tonight.


Jen said...

Gotta love bike maintenance issues! Aughh.. :)

Noelle said...

I hope pink Lightening is all fixed up-she just needed a little "TLC"