Saturday, May 2, 2009

Great Day in Cincinnati!

Today we got up early to head to the Expo for the Flying Pig marathon. The expo was really busy and VERY tempting on the pocketbook! I ended up filling up with many "pig" things! After the expo we ate lunch at a really cute little place in an area that reminded of uptown. There are a ton of cute little neighborhoods in Cincinnati, so it should be fun exploring them tomorrow while running the marathon. We have spent the rest of the day just tooling around the city. We drove the race route, so we have an idea of what we are up against with hills-I not thinking a PR will be happening on this course, but it should be a great time anyway! Now we are just hanging out getting our stuff put together for tomorrow and taking it easy before our pasta dinner tonight.

Early start tomorrow, so that means to bed early tonight!!!!!

My bib number is #1478
Jen's Bib #: 808
Cindy's Bib #: 11472
You can track us at:

See ya at the finish! Or in MN

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