Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Flying Pig Race Report

The alarms went off at 3:40 am. We quickly got ready and were out the door by 4:00! Stephanie (the girl we stayed with) drove us to the start and we hung out in the car until a little after 5 since it was raining out. Stephanie then got kicked out of the parking lot so headed into the Reds stadium and hung out there until race start. We got a few pictures taken and talked a little smack-Right Jen 3:00 marathon hee hee. And I got questioned about the race course by a man who didn't speak English-I tried to tell him that I wasn't from Cincinatti but he didn't understand.

The race started at 6:30 am and it was sprinkling a bit but warm and humid. Jen, Cindy, and I started off together and ran about 3 miles until we lost Cindy. Jen and I then continued to stay together-we were keeping a pretty good pace, somewhere in 8 minute range and for a good couple of miles in the 7:30 range per mile. I felt great! The course was fantastic! Scenic and challenging with many many hills.

My left quad got pretty tight about mile 17 making it hard to keep my head in the game-The statement a marathon is 10% training and 90% mental is completely true! I kept telling myself "come on get your head back in the game" by mile 20 I was kind of a mess-thanks Jen for hanging with this crabby pants! My right achilles was cramping up-oh I forgot to tell you that I forgot my electrolytes in MN and they didn't have any at the expo; well I did end up buying some strip electrolytes that worked okay buy not as well as my endurolytes. We started to Galloway about mile 20; run five minutes walk a minute-stretch-stretch.

I started my usual counting of blocks about 2.5 miles out from the finish-I do this to take my mind off the run. About 3/4 of a mile out from the finish, Jen needed to take a short walk break (after I ignored the beep of my watch) up the last hill- I tried to pull the we only have 4 blocks-Jen didn't buy it-that brought back the memory of a long run I did with Michelle (my sister)and I tried to pull that with her and after several swear words and bottle of water thrown on me she didn't buy it either-Jen was much nicer about it.

Overall, I felt the race went really well. I felt strong for most of the race on a challenging course.

Since the marathon, I haven't done much for training. My legs have been sore especially in the places that cramped during the marathon. Monday, I did get in the pool swam 1000 meters, ran in the pool, and did some stretching. I did hit the hot tub for a bit as well-that only happens after races.

I took Tuesday off-still really sore.

Today, a short ride of 15 miles. My legs are still a little sore but much better. The stairs are the test and I seem to moving pretty on them today.

Tomorrow, I will be doing the TC 1 mile race-we will see how that goes.

Until next time.

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