Monday, May 25, 2009

Biking, biking, and more biking.....

.....and a sore butt!

I have had a nice stretch of days that included a workout of biking. Thursday, I did end up making the P2 training which consisted of 1.5 hours of biking (hill repeats) and a 30 minute run. Up and down, up and down....the "Dam Hill" then over to the "Half Pipe" (a series of hills that resemble a U shape).

I met Erica for a ride down around the lakes and Minnehaha Parkway. The lakes were busy with the fantastic weather and it being a holiday weekend. We stopped at a little coffee shop for lunch in the middle of the ride.

What a great day....or at least until I went into work that night! We started online charting this past week. Friday was my first day with charting online-my quote of the night was "I was fine with the online charting until I had to do it". The night was crazy busy and didn't end up punching out until after 9 am. As I was driving home from work, I get a call from work-I was thinking what piece of charting did I forget but no it was the supervisor calling to see if I could come back in at 7pm since they were short staff. My answer to the extra half of shift was NO-partly since I hadn't made it home from work when the call came, partly I needed to get a long ride in that day, but mostly because of the exhausting night I had.

Saturday, I met Cindy and Jen for a ride on the Liberty Triathlon course. Cindy and I ended up doing 2 loops-Jen ended up only doing 1 loop after battling some mechanical issues with her bike. Cindy and I then followed the workout up with a short 3 mile run and some yummy mexican food!!!! Total ride distance was 50.5 miles.

Sunday, Erica and I headed down to St. Paul to ride the River Road. The workout was ride 45 minutes, run 30 minutes, ride 45 minutes, and run 30 minutes. GREAT WORKOUT!!!! We ended up riding 21 miles and running 7 miles.

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