Friday, April 17, 2009

Thank god for water towers!!!!!

I always find myself involved in some kind of adventure when heading to Mankato. Today was no different! I headed out for a short run from the hotel. Just to give you a little background the hotel that I stay at is located on the out skirt of Mankato-near the mall. I had noticed that there was a nice bike path that ran along Hwy 22 which runs along side of the hotel.

I was running down the bike path which turned and then met up with the Shakatoh Singing Hills bike trail-A great trail (I lived down in Mankato for 4 years and didn't know it existed). I had noticed that there were a lot of off road trails, so I decided to run on those for a while and then returned back to the bike trail.

Well I got into my run-who wouldn't the weather was fantastic and I was feeling great! And before I knew it I was LOST! I looked around only corn fields! In a panic I was trying to make the decision-do I try to cross the corn fields in hopes that it will bring me to a road or do I turn around and retrace my steps (I had already ran almost 6 miles by this point). As I continued to look around I spotted a water tower in the far distance (I assumed it had to be the Mankato water tower, thinking that all these probably had well water).

I knew that I needed to head towards the water tower-but how was I going to get to the water tower? Was I seriously going to have to cross through the corn fields? At that point a biker came flying down the path and then turned a ways ahead of me-so I thought well I'm just going to follow that guy! I continued down the path which finally brought me to a road-I took a right like the biker did and then continued on. Thank god the road brought me back to Hwy 22!

I ended up finishing the run with a total of a little more than 8 miles.

Thursday, I skipped my workout (long day at class)

Wednesday, I biked 12 miles and then ran with run club (I think that we did a little over three miles).

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