Thursday, April 9, 2009

juggling act..........

I may be able to enter the circus..........No, multi-tasking has become one of my specialties. Swim club started this week and although there wasn't a great turnout it went really well. So Monday's workout consisted of me leading/participating the first workout for swim club which lasted about 45 minutes. Following swim club I stayed and swam for another hour to get my wetsuit workout in as well. Then, it was my day to lead run club, so I finished off my workout with a 5 mile run.

I didn't make my workout on Tuesday-too much homework:(

Yesterday, I trained with P2. We started off with a 1.5 hour bike on the trainer. We worked on gaining strength by switching between the hardest gear maintaining 60+rpms and easiest gear maintaining over 90 rpms. Then to follow we did a 30 minute run along the river in St. Paul.

Coach shared his Lance Armstrong story with us yesterday. He had gotten to know Chris Carmicheal (Lance's coach) through coaching and training, I believe at the Olympic center. Coach had asked Chris Carmicheal to come speak to some of his athletes (this was back in 98 when Lance won his first Tour). He had wrote down Lance's training program and gave some workout tips. Coach then proceeded to tell us that we are doing those workouts that Lance does.

Anyways, I currently am awaiting the start of class down here in Mankato. Hopefully once I get back to the cities it will be close to 60 degrees and get out on my bike. I was really tempted to throw my bike in my car and go for a nice hilly ride down here but after class I'm always eager to get back to the cities, plus I have an important conference call with Troy Jacobson regarding Endurance lead stuff-Corrine, Paul, and Jerel, I expect your joining me on this call...ha ha ha.

Anyways off to class.

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