Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's been an interesting day! I got up early, well only after a couple hours of sleep to do homework, so that I could get out and get my full two hour ride in along with my short 30 minute run. As I hurried through my homework (okay I'm sick of this semester), I get a phone call my mom-in panic! I thought oh no what happened to Owen (he has been in the hospital since Saturday). My mom says that I need to go help my dad at the hospital because my sister had fainted and was in the ER-she couldn't go because she has been sick with some stomach bug for the past day. I threw some clothes on and hurried to the hospital. Everything turned out okay and her symptoms were contributed to stress.

I did eventually get out to do a short workout. I ended up biking at the Coon Rapids Dam and ended up doing a total of 12 miles (45 minutes). I then took Shadow out for a much needed run! We ended up doing a little over 2 miles.

Owen was discharged tonight from Childrens and they finally got his seizures under control....and he was able to keep his meals down today. You can continue to follow him at:

Just a reminder that his fundraiser is running through next week! Culver's on Tuesday (go to the caringbridge site to print up a coupon) and Wednesday at Mansetti's.

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