Sunday, April 5, 2009

I had a great week of workouts-granted it was a recovery week I got them all in except for my bike yesterday. My school responsibilities decreased over the week allowing me some more time to get my workouts in and do a few fun things.

On Friday, Matt's school hosted a kick off for Owen's benefit, which will take place over the month of April. The kids loved the fact that they got to hang with super O! If you want more details about the benefit check out Owen's caringbridge site:

Onto my workouts:
Thursday, I trained with P2 which consisted of a warm up and bike test #1 for the week. The test was 30 minutes long and we had to maintain 90+ rpms switching every 5 minute between our two hardest gears. Then we followed it up with a short run through the skyways. The test started off a bit rough for me but once I got into the groove it went pretty well.

Friday, I did a 60 minute swim-probably a total of somewhere around 3000 meters. The swim went pretty well. My swim workouts have felt pretty good over the past couple of weeks. My stroke is feeling smooth and balanced. Following my workouts I met up with Corrine and Leann for wine tasting #1 of the weekend.

Saturday was Lifetime Fitness's big Dam Hill run.....although located at the locks and dam in St. Paul, it is probably named that for a different reason. The hill is long, steep, and windy-over a quarter mile long. The workout consists of 5.5 mile run to the Dam hill and then 8 hill repeats and then another 5.5 mile run back to the health club. My responsibility for the workout was to lead a pace group to the hill and then be the drill sergeant at survivor island-nope I didn't do the hill repeats, I just yelled at people to do push-ups, crunches, supermans, squats, lunges, etc....... I ended up getting in the run portion of my workout for a total of 6.5 miles. I missed my bike workout for Saturday. Following the workout we headed over the Chatterbox for some scrumptious food! I then met up with Leann for wine tasting #2 this weekend......Leann your a bad influence!

Today, I trained with P2. We started off the workout with a 20 minute continuous swim test-I felt horrible! I kept thinking that I was going to throw up my peanut butter sandwich I ate on the way to practice. I was a bit disappointed that I didn't see much improvement from the last time I did it in February-maybe it was all the wine. Coach did talk to me about somethings that he noticed during my swim-hopefully I can tweak things a bit to make my stroke more efficient/faster. Following the swim, we headed to the P2 Pit for bike test #2 of the week. This test was 60 minutes long and we started in our easiest gear and then moved up a gear every five minutes while above 90 rpms the whole time. I didn't make it to the last gear before I was dropping below 90. I was really hoping to make it through all the gears-last time I didn't make it to the hardest gear either. Following the bike we headed out for a 45 minute run along the river-Michelle and I took it really slow as our bodies were exhausted and our legs felt like a ton of bricks. Today was an off day-there wasn't one part of the workout that felt good. Coach had talked to us about feeling tired and off during the workouts this week was common because of it being recovery week and our routine have changed-I hope that next week will bring a bunch of strong workouts!

Onto the start of another busy upcoming week!

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