Sunday, April 19, 2009

Following my run yesterday, I got out and rode my bike 32 miles starting at the Coon Rapids Dam to Elm Creek Park Reserve; two loops at Elm Creek. The weather was fantastic! I felt strong on the hills!

Following my ride it was Shadows turn to get some exercise! I took her to the dog park at Elm Creek. She again had a blast in the pond and playing with the other dogs at the park.

It was a great day except for the wood ticks that I spent removing that night!!!!!

Today, I got up early to train with P2. But before leaving my house I notice a couple bite marks that looked suspicious.

I headed to the pool swam with P2 and then biked in the rain with Michelle (one of my friends from P2) and her co-worker Kristin. We biked from Mpls to Shorewood and back. It was a bit chilly but a great ride! I'm not sure how many miles we got in but we rode for 2 hours.

As I told you previously, I noticed a couple bites on my skin and ended up getting them checked out at Urgent Care (after my swim and biking of course). The doctor wasn't sure whether or not it was a tick bite or a spider bite, but with pulling off the other ticks and knowing that I was bit by one she put me on preventative Lyme disease treatment. itchy, itchy!!!!!!

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