Sunday, April 12, 2009

Enjoying the weather

The weather has been fabulous over the past couple of days. I haven't made my way to Lifetime over the past couple of days!

Since it was a holiday weekend, it was recommended to switch Friday's and Sunday's workouts around. I ended up taking out my road bike for a 2 hour ride and then finished up with a 15 minute run. It was a bit windy but warm, in fact I ended up running in shorts!

Saturday, I met Jen for our last long run before tapering for the Flying Pig marathon on May 3rd. We ended up running 20 miles at the Elm Creek park reserve. We started the run going 6 miles out and back, quick pit stop at the car to refuel and then finished the last 8 miles. Elm Creek is extremely hilly which will prepare us for Cincinnati. About mile 16 we got a little loopy! The last 4 miles we pick up the pace to just get the run done-not much talking went on as we concentrated on finishing. I was exhausted (working overnights doesn't help the situation) and sunburned!

Today, I took Shadow to the dog park-she had a blast! Shadow discovered the pond and she realized how fun the water can be (I may have a swimmer on my hands). Up until today, Shadow hasn't ever been fond of the water, usually tiptoeing around whenever its raining out so that she doesn't get her paws wet. She had seen other dogs playing in the water and all of sudden she was playing with them in the water! She didn't get in deep enough to swim but far enough in to get the top of her back submerged! In fact she was the last dog playing in the water-after awhile she kept running up to the others hoping that they would chase her into the water-WHAT HAPPENED TO MY DOG?

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