Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My dog ate my homework...I swear!

Over the past couple of months Shadow has been quite NAUGHTY! In February, the vet put Shadow on thyroid medication because she was running on the low end of the normal range and her coat was really dry. At that time I had reservations about the medication being that she is already a complete SPAZ! She was on the medication for 21 days before the vet decided increase her dose and she has been just naughty since-she had reverted to a way a puppy acts (if you can only image). Well yesterday I returned home from work and noticed Shadow chewed up my textbooks! I don't get it-I have had her for over 8 years and she hadn't EVER chewed on anything but her own toys! I made a call to the vet and explained her behavior and shared her exercise routine. The vet did decide to reduce her dose and told me to really wear her out everyday-lets see I do have a marathon this weekend.....Shadow do you want to go for a run?

Recovery week has started!
Yesterday, I led swim club. We upgraded to two swimmers-yeah! I ended up only swimming about 1500 meters. I then finished up with some abs....so I can live up to the poster (Corrine was working out this week in St. Louis Park when someone in the class yelled out "Corrine isn't that you?" The person was referring to Lifetime Run Club banner. They made Corrine go stand by the banner as they made there comments. Supposedly these people....how did Corrine put it? These people envious of my ab's....thank god for airbrushing and touch ups!

Sunday, My plan called for a 5-6 hour ride and run-I didn't end up doing it. I ended up swimming instead-the weather was crappy and I was not about to ride 5-6 hours in the rain! It worked out well anyway as I am tapering for flying pig this weekend.

I plan to head out for a run and bike today.

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