Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Whoa...it's been over a week since my last post! I have had some time off from work over the past week-7days! Although I had high hopes to get everything done-it didn't happen. I did get some errands ran that needed to get done and then the chores of everyday life. Over the past week have maintain some consistency in my workouts (except Thursday and Friday while being in Mankato).

Monday I swam for a hour. It was nice to hang out with my pool friends whom I haven't seen since Ironman! They of course wanted to know about Ironman and my upcoming races for this year. The one said that he was following me online throughout Ironman.

Tuesday, I ran for a hour outside and then went to spinning class.

Wednesday-I trained with P2. We did a hour of biking. I totally messed up the workout, but oh well. Following the workout we had a party/benefit for one of our teammates that has cancer.

Thursday-No workout-In Mankato for class

Friday-Again missed my workout after getting home from Mankato late. I ended up meeting Jen, Stef, Eric, and Aaron at our favorite place to eat El Loro.

I met Jen at the dam at 6:30 am for a 14 mile run

Sunday, I trained with P2. 1 hour swim and 2 hour bike (I skipped the run so that I could get some homework done).

Monday, I ran with run club.

Today-I plan to swim

I finally got a chance to bring Moon Goddess (my bike) down to GP to get a much needed tune up done. They will have her for a week-I will probably have to get on my road bike-as Jeremy at the bike shop says I should be riding that bike outside anyways right now. I just need to get re-fit on my road bike and then get out on the road.

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