Friday, March 13, 2009

Trying to get caught up!

Owen, I've got your hat......hee hee hee! We celebrated my dad's birthday last weekend and after dinner we proceeded to pass Owen's hat around the table to try it on! I know we are a bunch of dorks!

I literally wore out my first pair of bike shorts! I noticed the other day that my bike shorts were getting a little worn! But the other night at spinning I noticed my short actually have holes in them! GOAL-GET NEW BIKE SHORTS!!!!!!

I have been playing the catch up game for the past hmmmm....month! This past week was springbreak and I had high hopes to work ahead in my classes and get caught up on millions things around the house! I did manage to get my herbal information sheet done and I plan to start my presentation on osteoporosis shortly.

As for my workouts, I have been really trying to stay consistent even though my life is CRAZY!!!! I have been getting in a workout most everyday-unless I get stuck somewhere....LeSuer. I haven't been successful in getting all my workouts in though.

This week my workout goal was 15-17 hours.

Monday-1 hour swim, 1 hour run
My goal was 1 hour swim and strength training.
Mondays swim went well. My stroke is feeling great-much better than last season. My coach really focuses on balance in the water and swimming "quiet." My workout consists of 15 minutes of drill each swim session-I think that it really has made a difference.

Following my swim, I was to lead run club. We had a nice run to the tower. It was nice to run with my buds! I ended up doing 5.25 miles

Tuesday: 45 minute run, 45 minute bike, 15 minute abs and arms
My goal workout was a 90 minute run, strength training, and 60 minute bike. I wasn't feeling great that day-upset tummy probably from being overly tired and not eating well. Following my swim on Monday I was feeling some chest pain-NO not a heart attack pain just some muscle soreness-I think that I may have pulled a muscle in my intercostal from swimming with paddles on the day before. I took it easy during my workout hoping it would feel better the next day.

Wednesday: 45 minute bike
Goal was 75-90 minute bike, 15 minute run, strength training.
My chest was still a bit sore from the swim on Monday. I ended up going to spin class. My legs were tight and I was feeling tired from working the previous night. Plus I had plans with Jill, Corrine, and Jerel-We had wine night at Jill's house. It was nice to take some time to CHILL out with the girls! We got to see pictures of Jill's new house in upstate New York and talked about our future trip out to the big city.

Thursday: 75 minute bike, 30 minute run
Goal was 75 minute bike, 30 minute run with optional 45 minute run and strength training.
I trained with P2-workout consisted alternating 10 minute stands with 5 minute recovery sitting. I need to get my bike into gear wear for a tune-up as I'm still having problems with it shifting right, plus I think the set up is a bit off from having it shipped from Kentucky.

The workout went well.

Friday: 75 minute swim
Goal 75 minute swim
The swim today went pretty well. I didn't feel nearly as smooth in the water as I did on Monday, but it was decent. I was a little worried that my chest was going to bother me again but that was fine.

Overall, I have done pretty well with my workouts this week-7.5 hours so far and two days with long workouts to go. The runs should be much more enjoyable being the weather is suppose to warm up-and HOPEFULLY I will be able to get out on my bike next week!

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