Sunday, March 15, 2009

Role Model.....maybe

Today I ran to Cub foods following my workout to pick up a few groceries. I quickly ran through the store so that I could get home and make something to eat since I was starving. As I waiting for the cashier to run my food through the scanner a women standing behind me says to the cashier "I was looking at all the things that women has done" (she was reading my distances on my Ironman finisher jacket). The cashier looks up and says "Ironman that's a big deal, don't you swim, bike and run at one time?" The women behind me asked if I was an could I do something like that? I then started to pack up my groceries and then the women comes over and wanted to see what groceries I bought and what I was going to do with each item. Then proceeded to ask if I diet a lot because she needed to diet because of the 20+ pounds she had gained. I told her that I didn't diet, I just try to eat healthy and exercise. The cashier and the women continued to talk about my grocery choices and their amazement at my doing the Ironman. I walked out to my car, loaded up the groceries, and returned the cart to the corral, when the women approached me again to tell me that she was going to go home and run a mile.

I skipped working out with P2 partly because I was tired from the night shift but the real reason was because the weather was awesome and I couldn't bear spending the time inside. I ended up running 6.1 at the CR Dam and then went to spinning. I need to get my bikes in the shop for tune ups so that I can get out and ride! I plan to go swimming if I get canceled tonight.

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