Saturday, March 14, 2009

Is spring here or is it a teaser?

This morning Jen and Cindy joined me down at P2 for a discussion on nutrition. The presenter was a dietitian that works with a lot of the U of M athletes not mention a Olympian as well. The talk was really informative giving me a lot of ideas to better achieve better results in my training and racing season-I'm really glad that I went as last year this was one area that made me nervous as Ironman approached.

What a gorgeous day! I went out for a run in a long sleeve shirt and my lightest running pants and guess what-I was way over dressed! I hope the weather is here to stay, I'm just itching to get out on my bike!

Anyways, I got in a 10 mile run. I missed my bike workout-not enough time in the day!

Looking forward to awesome weather tomorrow!
Off to work again!

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