Friday, March 27, 2009

I can't believe that another week has flown by so fast! School finally has settled down a bit-enough anyways that I can catch my breath! I spent a good portion of my days this week practicing for my test out in my Advance health assessment class-my parents are very healthy after the multiple H & P's; Owen was my assistant as he shook around my box of assessment tools and then proceeded to walk over and BITE my nose! Shadow played the pet therapy role, although I think that she was more concerned being protective over Owen by shooing Jackson, Otto, Grandpa, and Grandma out of the way anytime they got close to him.

My test out went great-my professor said I passed with flying colors and got the "Gold Star" of the day! Yay!

The Moon Goddess (my bike) got all fixed up this week with a much needed cleaning and tune-up down at GP. My bike is shifting much better now but a few things still need to be tweaked a bit for the upcoming race season.

I received some cool news yesterday-I was chosen to be sponsored by Aquaphor and Active. I probably applied 8+ months ago for this sponsorship and never heard anything-so it was quite surprising when I got the email! I will find out more about the sponsorship within the next couple of weeks after the team phone meeting.

I didn't end swimming but instead hooked up my road bike to trainer and a combination of spinning and core work.

Wednesday, I picked my bike from GP and then trained with P2. 1.5 hour spin with 45 minute run.

I took Thursday off.

Today I got in the pool and did about 3500 meters. My swim felt great today! I'm feeling much more balance in the water-something that I struggled with all last year. My coach commented to me on Sunday that he was liking what he was seeing in my swim positioning and stroke.

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