Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Staying on top of things

As I was driving to work this morning I was thinking of the top ten things that I want to do after finishing school-yes things are out of control busy and I'm getting burnt out! So here it goes:

10. Take a LONG relaxing trip
9. sleep
8. focus on training
7. get more involved in public policy
6. Really clean my house
5. clean out my car
4. kayak/bike trip
3. volunteer
2. work normal hours
1. No longer share my bed with TEXTBOOKS!

As usual my I have been way too busy but I seem to be keeping a float as of right now. I keep saying to myself that I just need to get through this semester! Today, I had my monthly governance meeting and an office day. I had great ambition to get my journal article reviews done and start writing a patient education piece, however because it was so busy on the floor I spent my time helping out on the floor instead.

My training has been better this week-much more consistent.

Sunday, 60 minute swim, 2 hour bike, and a 15 minute run with P2. I did this workout directly after work.

Monday, 60 minute swim (2200-2400 yards), medicine ball exercises 30 minutes

Tuesday, Hill repeats, stairs, treadmill-total 7 miles

Wednesday, mountain run test on treadmill-7 miles.

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