Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Okay....I got cut off when I was going to talk about my training for the past week or so. I'm starting to get excited for the upcoming season!

Yesterday, my workout included doing hill repeats on the only hill in Anoka county (a overpass over HWY 10)!I incorporated some push-ups, stride outs, lunges, and squats into the workout-It was a lot like the DAM hill workout. I ran a few more miles outside to equal a total of six and then finished the run on the treadmill for a grand total of 9 miles.

Following my run, I did some medicine ball exercises to build strength. Lastly, I went to spinning for 45 minutes. I worked on form and did a lot of drills throughout the spin.

Monday, my workout consisted of a swim approximently 2000 yards-I didn't keep track! Most of the swim workout was working on form through drills and using different equipment. Prior to swimming I did the medicine ball strength excercises. Then to finish the day's workouts, I did a short 3 mile run with run club.

Sunday, I worked out with the P2 group. Starting the workout off with a time trial 20 minute swim. The swim went better than I thought, being that I haven't done much swimming since August (I think 3 times total). Then we headed to "The Pit" and got on our bikes for a hour and fifteen minutes. To finish the workout we did a 30 minute run through the skyways in St. Paul.

Saturday, I met with run club for a run at the Dam. Jen, Andy, Paul, and I ended up doing 6.5 miles. Once I got home I had noticed that I went a little short, so I Shadow ended up doing another mile. It was really slippery! Total miles for Saturday was 7.5 miles.

Friday- I ran out of time and didn't get my workout in! I ended up getting together with Stacey and Joanne. It was great to hand out with them!

Thursday-I workout was at the "The Pit" with P2. We biked for 60 minutes and then ran the skyways. Total workout 1.5 hours.

Wednesday-1 hour bike

Tuesday, I ran on the treadmill and then biked for a hour.

Monday-3 mile run with run club. It was really cold!

Sunday-Swam with P2 and then spinning class

Saturday-10.5 mile run with Jen at the lakes.

That's all that I can remember!

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