Thursday, February 26, 2009

As I sit here in the student union at MSU waiting for the coffee shop to open up, I keep thinking where did all the time go this week-granted this has been the only down time I have had? It's been a another crazy busy week! But I survived another one on minimum sleep, missed workouts because the attachment to my textbooks is so strong....not! I passed a doctor in the hall yesterday as I ran from meeting to meeting, he made a comment about my heavy bag that I was carrying-I told him yeah, I know that I'm going to ruin my back (he laughed-probably even harder considering that he's a spine surgeon).

One of the meetings that I attended yesterday was an education session on psychological 1st aid which focused a lot on stress management. It was pointed out that people that work in professions such as nursing are really good at attending to others during stressful times but are horrible to ourselves as far as managing the amount of stress in our lives..........

I have a few more things to finish for school this week-then I'll be ready to start another crazy busy week next week. I went into work the other day and asked to be canceled for the next two weeks if possible-I think they thought I was crazy! I figured that would bring up to springbreak and I could finally maybe get to take a breather for a moment.

Anyways on to my workouts for the week thus far.......
Monday, I intended on swimming and lifting weights, however when I got to the gym I realized that I forgot my swimming stuff. I ended up doing my medicine ball exercises for about a hour.

Tuesday I missed:(

But Wednesday made up for it.......I attended P2 (coaching session) last night and he had do a bike test-similar to the run test last week. The goal was to increase the tension on the bike every 5 minutes but keeping a cadence higher than 90 for a hour. I did a lot better than I thought I would do but missed the last 5:00 because my cadence dropped into the 80's. My heartrate was in the 160's (zone 4-5) for a lot of the test!

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