Monday, January 12, 2009

The question is....

Is Park Rapids a dry town? Over the weekend Corrine, Maureen, Kevin, and Erica headed to the Rainbow Resort for a Run Club retreat in Waubon, MN. On the way, we wanted to stop at a fun little towny bar and guess what-we couldn't find one! The pizza joint didn't even sell beer! And no liquor stores-good thing we had plenty of wine in the car. Once we made it to the resort and got things unpacked we popped a couple bottles of wine and the gang threw me a birthday party (cake and all!)-Thanks guys! Later that night, Amy (the coordinator of the weekend) stopped by to introduce herself, take us on a tour of the resort, and get us set up with our equipment.

The weekend was packed full of activity! Saturday started early with a 4 mile run that was really chilly and hilly! We ran the road that led into the resort and along Lake Little Bemiji. The run was cold-I believe -12 degrees, but surprisedly with all my layers, I remained comfortable. After the run, we had breakfast in the lodge and then headed to the trail head for some cross country skiing. Erica and I headed out on the trails while everyone else stayed for the the lessons. We attempted the 6k course and shortly found ourselves lost. We finally made our way back towards the lodge and the others were just finishing up their lessons. We then attempted the 6k trail again-of course we got lost again! I'm guessing, but I'm sure did at least 10 miles skiing. As soon as we were done skiing the resort workers had lunch ready for us (pizza, salad, and soup). After lunch we had a short talk about training/races, then out again for more activity. We picked up the snowshoes and the frisbees. We played some frisbee golf on snowshoes-all I have to say is that I STINK at frisbee golf (I'm about as good at frisbee golf as I am at white trash golf). I think that we only ended up playing 3 holes and made our way back through 3+ feet deep snow. After all the activity, finally we got a chance to relax and shower! That night we ended up hosting a potluck and conversation. The relaxation didn't last too long as we ended up going skating under the moon light and then made our way out to the fish houses to explore. Whew what a day! You would think that I would have slept hard that night-NOPE!

Sunday started early as well! We started off cross country skiing at 7:00 in the morning-others went running. We first attempted to ski the frisbee golf course but we didn't make it past the the first hill before Erica crawled/ wiped out and Maureen got frustrated! We then headed back to the other trails and ended up only going about a mile-my ankles were really sore from the boots rubbing. Next we went to yoga-yoga didn't go well not because of the poses but the continuous giggling! The narrator on the tape was ridiculous causing me to start crack up, which started the chain reaction between Laura, Corrine, Maureen, Amy, and I. Finishing up the morning we had breakfast, another talk about training/gear, and then took another walk out to the fish houses. The weekend was over, we packed up the car and headed back to the cities. The trip went fast especially the car ride home as we did sang our emotional songs all the way back!

I finally got my training plan from'm excited to get started! Today is day one and I have a swim workout and a run planned.

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