Sunday, January 18, 2009

Once I got back into town on Friday all I wanted to do was go to bed! I hadn't slept well while in Mankato and with the million things to get done prior getting to Mankato didn't allow for much sleep either. I ended up taking a short snoozer and then headed to the gym for spinning class and a short run on the treadmill. I only ended up getting a mile in on the treadmill before I felt that I was going to pass out from exhaustion-yes I hit that point too! I ended up getting home took another short nap and headed into work that night-thank god it was busy otherwise, I may have pushed a patient out of their bed.

Saturday to continue with short naps to maintain my sleep or lack of, I reassessed all the work I have to do for school this semester! I organized my school stuff and headed out for a run-I ended up doing 3 miles down around Lake Harriet. Even though the temperature has risen the weather conditions were not ideal for running-lots of wind, ice and snow! After the run I did a bit of reading for my Advance Pharmacology class and went to bed for another nap. I ended up getting canceled from work, so I made my way back to the gym to finish my run for the day! I ended up getting a total of eight miles in for Saturday and I FINALLY got a good night of sleep!

Today's plan is to attend spinning class at 4 pm and finish my homework!

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