Monday, January 5, 2009

The new year has started and along with everyone else I have high hopes of eating healthier and workout on a regular basis. So far (only being 5 days into the new year) I feel as though I'm eating healthier-we will see how long it will last.

I have been trying to figure out my training for my upcoming racing season-coaching vs no coaching; local coaching vs online coaching. I think that I have ruled out coaching from P2, which makes me sad! My busy schedule will not accomodate the practices held and its costly if I'm not taking advantage of the practices. I am pretty sure that my mind it made up with online coaching-it is the less expensive option.

Yesterday, I took the day off from working out.

Saturday, I got in the pool for a short swim of 1000 yards-The first time since the Ironman!

Friday-I attended spinning class

Thursday -3 mile run on the treadmill and lifted weights with Jen.

Wednesday-a five mile run on the treadmill.

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