Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 3

The run for day 3 went well. I ended up doing 5.5 miles on the dreadmill as Erica would put it. The weather conditions were unbearable causing run club to be canceled. At least Jen was willing to suffer through the misery of running on the treadmill.

I ended up missing my swim that day because I had a million things to do in order to be able to make my classes in Mankato on Thursday. I did hope that the -35 windchill would bring a school closure-but not.

Anyways, Thursday was my scheduled day off from a workout. I had hoped to make up the swim workout that was missed from Wednesday and lift weight but the misery of walking outside and hanging out having a beer with a friend from school sounded much better.

On my plate for today (Friday) is a run and bike. I will probably attend Don's spinning class and probably hit the treadmill again as the temps are not acceptable for running yet. I look forward to the warm up coming this weekend and next week.

I hope that Cindy has fantastic weather for her first marathon this weekend in Redding, California-Best of luck!!!!!

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