Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I can't believe Christmas is already here! Today I got on my trainer and rode about 45 minutes of the Madison training video. I can't wait to get out and ride the course! The time didn't seem to creep along as usual-but I did have the distraction of the video and my ipod.

This month has moved along so fast and shortly my official triathlon training season will begin. I look forward to getting out of my lack of training slump and entering into my consistent training schedule.

Yesterday, I took the day off from working out-actually I overslept and couldn't make it to the gym within the open hours. I had to run to the vet and to target as the snow Shadow ate over the past couple of days didn't agree with her system much-YUCK!

Tuesday-I met Cindy bright and early (well not so early as it took a hour to get to the Perkins due to the snow) to go car shopping. Her Dodge Neon finally died with 181,000 miles on it. We headed to down to Burnsville to hit the Walser dealerships-she had only a couple expectations (inexpensive, reliable, and most importantly can the bike easily fit into the car)-she was thinking like a true triathlete! She ended up buying a Mazda Tribute-her mind was made up by 12 pm! Anyways she got a great car at a great deal!

That night I met up with Corrine and Maureen for a run down at the dome. I haven't run down there in a couple years-it was fun to see that some of the same people were still down there running. We ended up doing about 5 miles (we lost count on how many circles we did).

Monday-another cold day! Run club was canceled again due to the weather. I made my way to the gym and did 3 boring miles on the treadmill and then lifted weights. I'm really getting sick of running on the treadmill!

Later today I will be heading to my parents to celebrate Christmas and then back to work tonight.

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