Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another week has gone flown by-

Today I got my spinner for the first time this year-Its hard to become motivated to get on the spinner (I end up doing a lot of clock watching, complaining about being bored, and of course my sore ass!) Today's workout on the bike was short (but of course long enough!) and consisted of doing spinnerval drills for 30 minutes.

I have become quite fond of the snow this year-which is weird! I have been looking forward for some measurable snow so that I can get out and CC ski. Yesterday, I took Shadow skijoring at the dam. Shadow had a great time-I came back with a few bruises on my knees from being knocked over by my crazy dog! Thank god that nobody else was around! Not only did she knock me down, but while being down she kept pulling making i nearly impossible to get up! Once I got up she started pulling me backwards! Anyways-Shadow burned off some energy and had a great time! She will get the hang of the whole thing-she did last year anyways!

I followed up my workouts with spinning class last night. I don't know that I burned any calories as Craig and Erica passed out oreos throughout the whole class! After a while we were measuring calories burned and number of oreo we could consume-doesn't that defeat the purpose?

Thursday was a off day-not by choice! I started having issues resembling my kidney issues a couple of years ago. I am pretty sure that my kidney stones are back again-which absolutely SUCKS!

Wednesday, I did a 4.10 mile run on the treadmill. I hate the treadmill but it was too darn cold to run outside! I did some speed work and hills to pass the time. Overall I had a pretty good workout.

Tuesday I attended spinning class-I wasn't feeling great so I ended up leaving a few minutes early.

Monday-Run club was canceled due to the cold weather.

Another interesting has come and gone.

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