Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rock N Roll San Antonio race report

Shortly I will be heading to the airport to board my plane back to Minnesota. I can't believe this trip has come and gone-why does the time go by so fast? Anyway this trip has been a blast and of course interesting starting with my flight to San Antonio. On the way here I almost missed my connecting flight in Atlanta-I was quite worried that I might being my connection was only 3 minutes and it was sleeting in MPLS. The airline workers stated we would get to Atlanta early and not to worry.....I think they were worried too-being they moved me to first class so that I could be the first one off the plane. We hit a lot of turbulence along the way causing the man behind me to start barfing! But to make things worst, I sat next to a man that talked politics and the stock market the whole way to Atlanta!

Once finally making it to Atlanta, the pilot stated that we hit a bit of congestion so we were going to circle in the air for a while-try 45 minutes! By the time we landed my connecting flight was supposed to have taken off 20 minutes earlier! After sitting on the runway for another 10 minutes or so, we were finally let off the plane, I started sprinting through the airport.

Okay.....I took a few days off before finishing this race report. The trip down to San Antonio was super fun! We spent many hours down on the riverwalk which ran right behind our hotel. The overall weather was good-we did have a few chilly, windy days. We also visited the Alamo-I can't believe all the history!

Marathon day started early with my alarm to be set to go off at 3:45 am-I was up most of the night anyway, which is pretty normal for me before a race. After getting up I quickly got ready and re-checked back into my hotel room (yep they had my reservation messed up). Jen, Corrine, and I headed down to the shuttle at 4:30 am. It was a cold morning-I believe 28 degrees! Once the shuttle got us to the start we huddled around a generator until 7:00 am; along many other runners. We hung out with a group that was from Texas for most of the time.

At about 7:15 we headed to corral #18. There were 1000 people placed in each corral and a total of 32 corrals. While waiting to make it to the start line the rest of our group met up with us. We got a few pictures and then we were on our way to the start line. The course was combined with the half marathoners for a little over ten miles, which made it very crowded! Corrine, Jen R., Jerel, Andy, and I ran the first ten miles together.

The miles seem to peel off pretty quickly even though the course was kind of boring. We stopped and took our picture with a couple of the bands along the way and screamed Ya Vikings at all the Wisconsin people spectating. I got to spend some time in the several porta-potties along the way-stupid stomach issues. Overall my legs felt great and my energy level remained high. Jen, Corrine, and I maintained a good pace throughout and we may even have had negative splits.

I now back in Minnesota trying to get caught up on all the things that I got behind on during my trip. I spent the rest of the week busy with meetings for work and at a public policy conference. I miss San Antonio!

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