Sunday, November 2, 2008

My workouts have at a minimum last week as I have been trying to get rid of my cold-to find out it isn't just a cold! Friday, after getting back into town from Mankato I had stopped at my parents house to pick up my Shadow (dog) and my mother was on my case to go into the doctor-because this cold that has lasted a month. In hope to not wait forever, I went to the minute clinic at Target and the NP only saw me for a MINUTE to tell me that I needed to got urgent care for a chest x-ray. I found out that I have pneumonia, a sinus infection, and an ear just a little more than a cold.

Like I said before my workouts have been kept to a minimum over the past week. Monday I did a pathetic two mile run. Then on Wednesday I did only a three mile run. I intended on doing more, however it was such a busy week with a test on Friday and having to be in Mankato Thursday and Friday-plus meetings at work, etc.

Saturday, I did a 11.1 mile run with Jen, Corrine, Sonja, ad Maureen down at the lakes. The run went pretty well except that I was really congested and hacking for most of it.....sorry guys!

On to a new week hopefully the antibiotics will help with my sickness and I will feel motivated to get back to a consistent workout routine. It is going to be another busy week with Tuesday being election day-GO OBAMA! And on Wednesday, I have my recognition dinner for work, then packing for San Antonio!!!!!


I say smile and just keep pedaling! said...

Wow, pneunomia.............take two advil and call me in the morning. I hope you are feeling better!! Get some rest, you've got another marathoner coming up!!

I say smile and just keep pedaling! said...

Ooops I spelled pneumonia wrong.........I never aced a spelling bee:)