Sunday, October 5, 2008

What did today's marathon bring? Lots and lots of rain-some thunder and wind! This was the first time I had run a marathon in the rain which made it hard to decide on running apparel. I must have put on and taken off my jacket 5 times before deciding o go without it entirely.

The day started early as I met Jen this morning to caravan down to the finish at 4:45 am, so that we could catch the shuttle to the start. We hung out in the metrodome with other runners from Lifetime prior to starting the race.

Now my race report......

I wasn't sure how the marathon would go with the Ironman only a month ago and I have been fighting a cold over the past couple of days. I started off running with my friends Sarah and Cindy along with others from the Plymouth Lifetime running group then lost them only a couple miles into the run and ended up running by myself. My parents were stationed at their usual spot by the Sculpture Gardens. I only saw for a brief second but it was well worth it! The rain started shortly after the start of the race and continued throughout most of it, leaving the streets filled with water-it was impossible not run through them. My shoes filled with water which felt like I was running on sponges. I had thrown my extra shirt and gloves early in the race which wasn't smart as the wind picked and I was COLD!

I broke the marathon up into segments, similar to when I ran the marathon during the Ironman. My hope was that the miles would peel off as fast and easy as they did during the Ironman when using this strategy-it sort of worked! The first nine miles were smooth and easy. My knee started to act up the second half making every step hard and every mile LONG!

It was fun to see some familiar faces along the route-both other runners and spectators!

Yesterdays, Kristen Armstrong gave some of her race strategies and there is one that I used-Dedicated Miles.

My dedicated miles:

1. Myself- Dedication comes from within.
2. Mom
3. Dad
4. Jen Rehling
5. Michelle-My sister and a mommy of my nephew Owen.
6. Matt-My brother-in-law and daddy to Owen.
7. Joel Jr-My brother
8. Amy-my new sister-in-law
9. Missy wilcox
10. Austin Wilcox
11. Cindy C.
12. Corrine
13. Jerel
14. Stefanie
15. Jen J-
16. Liz
17. Maureen
18. Erica
19. Sarah
20. My patients/Gillette
21. Mary Alice/Art
22. Shadow (My dog)
23. Joey (my cat)
24. Chloe (my cat)
25 +.2 Owen

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