Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tomorrow I will be running marathon #20 and my third this year alone. Today's event started early as I hosted the third annual "Coffee and Caravan" starting at 6:30 am. After eating the bagels that Corrine brought, we headed down to the TC family events. The events are super fun to watch-but more funny was my friend Corrine and her comedic comments! Following the TC family events we made our way to the expo. I had a small quandary when I check my chips from my race packets (notice multiples).
Earlier this year I had signed up for both the ten mile and the full marathon with the thought that maybe my recovery from the Ironman would have been longer than it has been, but I still wanted to participate in the TC events (I can't pass on them because they are my favorite!). Apparently, they were worried that I was going to give someone else one of my race numbers and chips. I got the problem solved and turned in my chip/race number for the 10 mile race into the official-hopefully I made a good choice.

The expo is always a good time! Lots of garb, lots of "good" deals, and lots of unnecessary spending-I bought the poster, running skirt, and the Madison bike course training video (I didn't do too bad). Along with the shopping, they also have speakers at the expo-I saw Kristen Armstrong speak which was very inspirational and gave perspective on why running is so important to those do it.

What will Twin Cities Marathon bring tomorrow? I don't know! I can't predict what tomorrow will bring, but I know through determination, strength, and will power I will finish marathon number 20.

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