Saturday, October 11, 2008

No avoiding the rain here.....

Over the course of the week my training has been minimal! As my last posting stated I did get in the pool and did 30 minutes of running, kicking and swimming. My legs did remain stiff and sore, which made down stairs a huge painful task. The stiffness hasn't been my only challenge of the week, I have been fighting my usual fall cold. A cough that leaves me either hacking up a lung or ready to PUKE!

Wednesday was my first day of attempt at road running with run club. Although, I didn't make it past 3 miles, the run loosened up my legs which relieved the stiffness and soreness. Except...... my knee! Well I guess it doesn't bother me when performing my normal daily activities, but man it kicked right in during todays long run. My knee really was causing me a lot of pain-its definitely IT Band stuff as the pain was moving up the IT Band. Jen and I met at the St. Louis Park Lifetime with the goal doing a 17 mile run-we ended up doing 12 instead.

Now going back to the title of this blog posting, there was no escaping the rain today during the run. As Jen and I were making our way around Lake Harriet the clouds moved in and the wind picked up-then RAIN (I had enough!!!!!). Okay I think there was only ONE cloud but it hit us! Thank god it didn't last too long and the temps didn't drop. Todays run was hard maybe I need some more recovery time.

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