Thursday, October 16, 2008

luck prevails!

Yesterday, I worked days as I had my monthly Shared Governance Meeting. After the late night on Tuesday (I went to see the movie Flash of Genius-makes you never want to buy a Ford or Crysler) and only getting a couple hours of sleep, I was pretty tired! During my office time, I went over to visit my mom who was volunteering at Gillette with Jackson (my parents pride and joy and therapy dog). I got Jackson all wound up and out of control to the point that he had to go into his kennel and remain there until my mom's volunteer time was up-oops!

After work, I went to run club-unsure what the run would bring (pain or no pain). I ended up doing a little over 3 miles at an easy pace-right under 10 minute miles. It was a great run!!!!!-PAIN-FREE. Knowing that I'm not totally in the clear of my knee pain, I will continue my routine of rolling, stretching, and easy running.

Later that evening, I met up with Liz to play bingo at Champps and I won! Not only one game but two in a ROW!!!!! I walked away with $72 in my pocket!!!!!!

But even more amazing........
Today I went to get my mail and guess what, I won a free pair of running shoes for signing up the Rock N Roll marathon in San Antonio! YAY!!!!!!! What a great day!!!!!

Tonight, I plan to lift weights and bike a little bit.

Happy Day!

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