Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I have been feeling the need to get back into a consistent workout groove-just not feeling the motivation.

Friday, I had a pretty decent workout with a hour of ab's and then spinning. I had found an ab routine on Runnersworld.com that I thought I would try. I then attended Don's spinning class. It was nice to bike again! I have been missing my long interactions with the Moon Goddess-I hoping my schedule and the weather will cooperate just one more time so we can hit the pavement before getting her set up on the trainer for the winter.

Saturday, my day started early with meeting Jen R. at the Dam for our long run. We ended up running 17.25 miles pain free-well a little achy just from running that long.

Sunday was another rest day-I'm getting good at rest days, the slacker I am!

Monday, I met up with run club for a short 4 mile run. It was nice to run with Jerel as we haven't had much time to chat lately. The run went well except for the lung I hacked up along the way.

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