Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The day after.....

Monday, the day after the race. I woke after sleeping for almost 13 hours-whoa I must have been tired! I hung around in bed and PJ's for quite awhile as I knew the first few steps were going to be very painful! Once I finally got the courage to face the pain I got up and hobbled down the stairs which I think took probably 10 minutes. My body was more stiff and sore after this marathon than most-maybe from the cold?

I went and got a massage with the hopes that stiffness would go away-not so much! My normal massage therapist (Traci) had left last week, so I had to go a with new person (katie). Katie didn't help my stiffness!

Later, Monday evening I headed to Lifetime to run in the pool. My legs and body did lossen up a bit with the pool running.

I hope to be back running with run club on Wednesday.

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