Tuesday, October 14, 2008

After my Saturday run, I felt as though I needed another day off. Roll, roll, stretch, Ibuprofen, roll, roll, roll, stretch, stretch, and some more ibuprofen........this has been routine, well may be not a routine. Recovery from Twin Cities has been longer than expected- after speaking to others that ran through the hours of rain and cold weather on Oct. 5th have stated the same thing. My focus right now is to get my body back to feeling normal especially my right knee so that I can start my 2009 Ironman training healthy.

I did a short run with run club yesterday-slow and steady! I forced myself to find a spot in the rear and STAY there. I ended up getting three slow miles. My knee was a bit sore but nothing compared to the run on Saturday. After I got back to Lifetime, I spent a good amount of time on the foam roller and stretching.

Today, I started up weightlifting again. Weights haven't been a part of my training for about a year, so I was feeling like a fish out of water. I hope to continue with a consistent weight routine throughout my training this year.

Following my workout today, I went to HELL! I had my monthly massage scheduled today with a new therapist as Tracy left my massage place last week. The massage therapist briefly greeted me and brought me back to the room while proceeding to tell me what kind of massage I was going to have-I was like what the heck. I was trying to tell her that I wanted to focus on my legs, especially my IT bands (I don't think she had a clue what an IT band was!). Lydia started my massage off by scrubbing my feet with a scorching HOT towel then moving to my neck. She started twisting my head in all different directions-Seriously, I'm surprised I'm not paralyzed! Lydia noticed that I had my eyes open so she took a dry cold washcloth and threw it over my eyes. Then... she moved from arm to arm to back like a speed racer! Then my back, legs, neck, meanwhile with pressure so deep that it was causing me to loose my breath each time she went over my back! Next to my feet, she spent the next five minutes or so cracking my toes-Seriously!!!!! Then onto my legs..... well a brief swoosh over my hamstrings and IT bands (she spent more time cracking my toes than on those areas!). Lydia then proceeded to inflict severe pain by practically body slamming my calves causing my feet to cramp up and my opposite leg bounce off the table-my pain rating was 50 using a 1-10 scale. As the massage continued, the lack of consistency continued as well, moving from back to feet, to some more toe cracking, some more calve work, to my arm, then my neck, pulling my arms out of socket, then legs...and of course pulling legs out socket as well. Finally, Lydia stated she was finished with the massage, I was like THANK GOD!!!!! After Lydia left the room, I made my way off the table to get dressed, barely able to stand let alone walk. Tonight, I will be taking it easy, alternating between icing and rolling out the knots in my calves created by my massage by Lydia. I wouldn't consider myself a wimp and feel that I have a pretty high pain threshold but man this massage sucked! I MISS TRACY!!!!!!!

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