Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's been a while since my last blog!

Over the past week I have maintained my running-well at least a little bit, getting in I think a total of 20 miles. Today's run was about 7.5 miles down at the lakes-EASY!!!! I haven't run down at the lakes in quite a while-it was a much needed change from running at the Dam. I did end up running into Terri (my cousin) down there-she is training for Chicago.

After my run, Jen and I went down to cheer Cindy on at a cheer zone for Breast Cancer 3 Day walk-I brought her a goodie bag with Ben Gay patches, Aquaphor, and pain cream (the other walkers were quite jealous!)

On Tuesday (or one day this last week) I did manage to get in a short 12 mile bike ride with Erica-on my road bike as I still haven't changed out my race wheels on my tri bike since the Ironman. I really need to get my road bike worked on! I still have the bike set up as a tri bike in a pretty archaic tri bike set up and the positioning is very uncomfortable!

As with the previous post I am still having a hard time recovering/tapering (whatever you want to call it) from the Ironman, which is maybe a good sign, in a way. I am eager to start my Ironman Madison training! This coming up week Jen, Cindy, and I are going to be sitting down to put together our training plans.

Tomorrow, Jen and I are racing the Irongirl Duathon-welll sssshhhhh......I'm racing under a different name and age group. I didn't registered because I wasn't sure how I would feel after the Ironman, but I feel great and I got a race number.

Oh-one other thing....... my finish clip for the Ironman


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