Monday, September 22, 2008

Irongirl Race report

On Sunday I raced the Irongirl Dualthlon.....well sort of technically. I actually competed in the race as my friend Liz. Liz had signed up Irongirl a while back and decided that she would not be doing it, so I competed for her. I wanted to sign up for the event, however I wasn't sure how feel after the Ironman and the event filled quickly.

I felt a little weird competing as someone else-I actually haven't ever done it before!

The race was a 2 mile run, 22 mile bike, and 2 mile run. I started the run at a quick pace and the wet air made it sort of hard to breath. I settled into the quick pace and my breathing became easier about a mile into the run. My first run split was a 15.22 (a 7:42 pace/mile pace).

The bike was difficult because there were so many people out on the course the bike lane was very narrow. It was hard to find a consistent cadence or to use the downhills for the next uphill causing you to hammer the entire uphill. The other issue I had is that I hadn't been on my TT bike since the Ironman and with having the bike packed and shipped, then rebuilt, my bike fit was off causing my knees to hit the dropbars during the ride. I still maintained 19.4 mph-I would have liked to have been over 20.

After bike portion, my legs were a little tight on the run-more so than usual (it was probably the bike set up). My second run split was pretty close to my first run split. I was pretty happy with my run splits.

During the bike portion, I spotted Jen walking with her bike-she flatted. I felt so bad for her! I kept yelling for bike support to help her get the tire changed, which didn't happen. Jen hit a bump on the road and it immediately popped her tire-bummer!

It was fun seeing all the people that I know down at the race that day! Overall, I was pretty happy with my time and so was Liz (the person I raced under).

Check out the photo of Heidi and me-it's super funny!

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